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WhatsApp Business API

Connect to users on the world's most popular messaging app with our WhatsApp Business API.

How it works ?

Fixed price no hidden fees, unlimited messages, no cost per message Quick Onboarding in less than 5 minutes


Create Account

Sign up and create instance to get your instance ID and Token


Scan QR

Scan QR to authenticate your instance to send messages via your WhatsApp number


Start Sending messages

Start sending messages in your favorite format such as text, media, button etc.

Experience the Potential of WhatsApp business API Use Cases


Make your business more accessible to customers with an automated chatbot with many options.

Multimedia Messages

With Multimedia, you can send multimedia (text, audio, photo, video) message to your clients.

Instant Messages

Make a personal connection with your customers with our real-time messaging platform.

Button Messages

With the Button message you can send a bright, eye-catching message to your clients in seconds.

Bulk Whatsapp

Connect with your customers by sending high volume messages at low cost than other platforms.


Ever wanted to send a automated message? Send with api is the quickest way to do that.

Simple pricing for Everyone

Best and affordable prices to fulfill your business dreams.

Free Trail

Get your 5 day free trial

  • Free for 5 days
  • 20 messages per campaign
  • Chat Bot
  • Text Messages
  • Media Messages
  • Button Messages
  • List Messages
  • Rest API
  • Phone Book

Billed monthly or annually.

  • Monthly or Anually
  • 2000 messages per campaign
  • Chat Bot
  • Text Messages
  • Media Messages
  • Button Messages
  • List Messages
  • Rest API
  • Phone Book
  • Campaign Reports
  • Bulk Numbers Import
Most Popular

Billed monthly or annually.

  • Anually
  • 2000 messages per campaign
  • All from Regular
  • Campaign Reports
  • Bulk Contacts Import
  • Create Users
  • Change Branding
  • User Reports
  • Manage Users

Frequently asked questions

Different layouts and styles for team sections.

Green Tick Application

Green Tick (Official WhatsApp Account) is a separate process and only highly reputed businesses are provided Green Tick Badge on WhatsApp. A business can continue to use WhatsApp Business APIs even without having a green tick.

What is a template message?

When customer does not initiated a message, businesses can only send template-approved messages. These messages can be order update messages, shipping update messages, appointment reminders, etc. Template Message Fees vary by country. All template messages must be pre-approved.

Is there any setup fee?

No. There is no setup fee. But, the setup time is counted towards subscription

What is the difference between Jido & WhatsApp API Gateway?

Jido is built on WhatsApp APIs and is a plug-and-play software designed for multiple agent customer support. It does not require any technical integration effort. WhatsApp API Gateway provides full access to WhatsApp APIs and is useful for anyone who wants to build their own custom solution using WhatsApp APIs.

Is there any fee for incoming messages?

No. There is no fee for incoming messages

Can I broadcast promotional messages?

WhatsApp API allows sending certain categories or promotional messages. You must adhere to WhatsApp's template guidelines. You can send back in stock alerts, re-engagement messages, etc. However, you cannot send spammy or abusive content.

Seamless Service

Our seamless service helps many business to grow and it continues.


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